Steel silo and accessory equipment engineering(20)
  Chemical fine distillation equipment engineering(48)
  Water treatment equipment engineering(32)
  Ceramic production line equipment engineering(13)
  Qualification honor(8)
  Leadership care and foreign business activities(36)

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    Zibo xing hui electrical and mechanical engineering co., LTD is a professional operation of mechanical engineering equipment, approved by the relevant departments, general manager, financial industrial department, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, international marketing, electronic commerce, installation, purchasing department, opening new material company, major in mechanical engineering and equipment and spare parts design, r&d, sales, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after-sales service.Founded in February 2008, the company is located in the north heavy industry qi ancient capital, ceramic city - zibo city
         Main engineering equipment products: steel silo and auxiliary series engineering equipment, chemical fine distillation equipment, water treatment engineering equipment, ceramic series of environmental protection equipment series engineering equipment and so on all kinds of engineering equipment (1.2.3, American ASME, pressure vessels and non-standard equipment and pipeline) and mechanical and electrical products and carbon steel parts (enamel, rubber lining, plastic lining, ptfe, lead, lead so on anticorrosive) equipment and stainless steel equipment and need to heat exchanger anticorrosion technology inside and outside the plate (steel pipes, stainless steel pipe, copper, lead) of titanium zirconium compound plate equipment and pipe fittings, the company has an independent right of import and export of goods and technology, and equipped with advanced computer aided process planning (CAD and CAXA software system, long-term with tianjin university and shandong polytechnic university and other domestic design institutes of scientific research cooperation, some universities and colleges of engineering process by the domestic industry professional design engineers, product manufacturing, design and manufacture of products completely accord with the national standard of the People's Republic of China, its all kinds of equipment performance has reached the domestic advanced level.     
          Company personnel responsible for project EPC engineering equipment from sales, process equipment design, equipment manufacture, installation, commissioning and personnel training.Company research and development design drawings and manufacturing of complete equipment and installation and debugging of the project in the industry has always been considered quality trustworthy products, currently with Ukraine, Lebanon, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, the Philippines, Germany, Iran, Saudi Arabia, kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russia, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey, Taiwan and the domestic and foreign customers to establish long-term good technical business cooperation relationship.      
             Company general manager zhang hui together with all the staff welcome people of insight at home and abroad came to negotiate cooperation and seek common development!


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